• Naturata Bio Ahornsirup Grad C kräftig
Naturata Bio Ahornsirup Grad C kräftig
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Naturata organic maple syrup grade C strong

Naturata , sweetener
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Bottle of 250 ml, disposable glass
Maple syrup grade C strong,
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Of the many types of maple, the sugar maple is of particular importance for the extraction of maple sap. The harvest time for the maple sap is limited to the period from the end of February to mid-April. When the temperatures change from permafrost to night frost and the daytime temperature rises above 0 ° C, the sugary sap of the maple tree begins to flow in order to supply the tree with nutrients for budding. To extract the maple sap, the tree is drilled at the trunk. Depending on the diameter and age, one to five taps are attached to a tree. The trees are not damaged through proper tapping and without the use of chemicals, as the bark usually heals again within a few weeks and the trees are tapped in different places every year. The borehole is provided with a drip cock so that the juice can flow out of the trunk. In the past, the syrup was collected directly on the tree in small buckets. Harvesting with pipes laid directly from the tree has now caught on. At the beginning of the harvest season, the maple sap is light and amber in color and has a mildly sweet taste. As the harvest progresses, the juice becomes darker and has an ever stronger taste. The gradations of the maple syrup result from these natural changes in the sap. As a quality feature and as a taste criterion for the maple syrup is its brightness or light permeability, which depends on the time of harvest. Graduation is carried out in Canada by state inspectors using a spectrophotometer. NATURATA maple syrup from certified organic cultivation is available as grade A and grade C.
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