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Why invest at all?

The average inflation rate for consumption in Switzerland was about 0.7% in 2020. This means that the value of money has decreased by an average of almost 0.7% every year. Anyone who does not invest their money therefore effectively loses wealth every year. 
If you don't want your savings to lose value every year, you have to invest at a rate of return above the rate of inflation. However, the interest rate on a bank account is only 0 to 0.05% per year and even fixed-term deposits currently only pay an average of 0.37% per year.
In order to achieve a return above the inflation rate, part of the assets must be invested with a significantly higher return. Experts therefore recommend investing 10% of your income in venture capital. We, as a start-up company, offer such venture capital investments as a growing company.

What is special about FoodMarket24 investment?

The special feature of the investment in the FoodMarket24 start-up is that we are in an early phase in which the majority of our company value development is still to come. Since our company value will therefore increase very strongly in the early years, investments in our company offer the opportunity to multiply the investment amount in the event of economic growth. 

In addition to the opportunity for a return, a start-up investment in us is characterised by the fact that investors have the opportunity to accompany our founding teams and entrepreneurs from the very beginning on our planned and challenging path from a young innovative company to an innovation driver and industry leader.

Invest in us now.

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